Written by Toksvig-Larsen S, L Ryd, A Stentström, F Dansgard, K Jonsson, O Robertsson and A Lindstrand:

The Porous-Coated Anatomic total knee experience. Special emphasis on complications and wear.

J Arthroplasty, 11(1): 11-7, 1996.

One hundred sixty knees in 141 patients with the Primary Porous-Coated Anatomic prosthesis (Howmedica, Rutherford, NJ) were evaluated after a follow-up period of 5.6 years (range, 1-10 years). One hundred six knees were in the latest follow-up evaluation, including clinical examination and a defined standing radiograph with a follow-up period of 6.3 years (range, 3-10 years). Survivorship analysis regarding the cumulative revision rate (including completion with a patellar component) was 0.88 at the 8-year and 0.84 at the 10-year follow-up examination. The clinical result was satisfying/good, with a mean Hospital for Special Surgery score of 83 (range, 39-97). Five percent had thinning greater than 30% of the tibial component. The wear was calculated to be 1.0 mm (range, 0-9 mm), including three revised tibial components with heavy wear. Excluding the revised cases, the wear was 0.7 mm.
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