Lindstrand A, A Stenstrom and S Lewold:

Multicenter study of unicompartmental knee revision. PCA, Marmor, and St Georg compared in 3,777 cases of arthrosis.

Acta Orthop Scand, 63(3): 256-9, 1992.

The prospective Swedish Knee Arthroplasty Project contained 772 PCA, 1564 Marmor and 1441 St Georg unicompartment prostheses, implanted for gonarthrosis during the period December 1983-July 1990. Follow-up was performed in September 1991. There was a significant difference in the cumulative revision rate after only 2 years, increasing to 15 percent for the PCA, compared with 5-7 percent for the two other types. The difference between PCA and Marmor/St Georg was loosening of the femoral component. Major polyethylene wear was noted in a quarter of the revised PCA tibial components. The wear pattern of Marmor/St Georg was not analyzed in this study.
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